2GO: Your Gateway to a Dynamic Career in Multimodal Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions


2GO GROUP, INC. enables the movement of goods and people throughout the Philippines. It is the largest end-to-end transportation, logistics, and distribution provider in the country. At its core are six business units, namely 2GO Sea Solutions, 2GO Special Containers and Value Added Services (SCVASI), 2GO Express, 2GO Forwarding, and 2GO Logistics.

Owned by SM Investments Corporation, one of the country’s largest conglomerates, 2GO offers multimodal transportation, warehousing and inventory management, special containers, and project logistics as well as e-commerce logistics, including last-mile deliveries, and express courier deliveries. 2GO also provides sea travel, and a wide range of peripheral logistics such as freight forwarding, import and export processing, and customs brokerage. 2GO leverages on all its services to create unique supply chain solutions for all its customers.

Backed by 148 years of expertise in transportation and logistics, 2GO has made a mark for providing the best travel experiences, efficient movement of products and cargoes, and for catalyzing business growth in domestic and international markets.


  1. Account Executive.SCVASI.Proj SM

  2. Reefer Technician.SCVASI.TS BCD

  3. Mechanic.SCVASI.TS MNL

  4. AR Associate (Cash Application Associate) (OCFO Vacant 25)

  5. Billing Associate (OCFO Vacant 40)

  6. Billing Associate (OCFO Vacant 16)

  7. Billing Associate (OCFO Vacant 17)

  8. Billing Associate (OCFO Vacant 29)

  9. Ouality Control PMS

  10. GA RTR Specialist - Reporting

  11. Branch Manager.Zam

  12. Market Intelligence ( for role upgrading to Supervisor Single Conributor)

  13. Finance Systems Specialist

  14. Document Controller

  15. GA (RTR) Associate - Bank Recon (Vacant 77)

  16. Sales Manager.FRT.CGY

  17. Customer Service Representative - Retail (STO TOMAS BATANGAS)

  18. Hotel Operations Supervisor

  19. Technical Superintendent

  20. Customer Relation Specialist (lnboard- Pier)

  21. Customer Service Representative - Retail(Cebu)

  22. IT Corporate Solutions AVP

  23. Operations Coordinator Support (Asinan)

  24. Fleet Management Manager

  25. System Support Specialist

  26. Account Executive.SCVASISM CC

  27. Account Executive.SCVASlProi SM

  28. Solutions and Pricing Manager

  29. PUD Supervisor

  30. Customer Service Representative - Baquio

  31. Quality Associate.BPOM

  32. IT Project Manager

  33. IT Custom Development Manager

  34. AR Associate (Cash Application Associate)

  35. AP Associate

  36. Sales Support.DD

  37. TL Customer Service.Western Visayas

  38. Operations Coordinator.Baquio

8.Operations Coordinator.Cavite


  1. HSE Supervisor

  2. Fedex. Cashier

  3. Operations Coordinator.EXP.LN CA

  4. Business Development Manager.llo llo

  5. Sales Support Specialist.Double Dragon

  6. Customer Relations Specialist

  7. GA (RTR) Specialist (lntercompany and Payroll)

  8. GA Bank Recon

  9. Collection Specialist

  10. Procurement Manager (Asset Disposal)


2GO SEA SOLUTIONS is the largest, most modern ROPAX operator in the Philippines, with 8 ROPAX vessels, 1 freighter vessel, and 18 ports of call. It offers speed, schedule reliability, and voyage frequency. 2GO optimizes capacity and operational processes to be able to respond to the opportunities presented by the consumer-driven Philippine economy. It also offers an enhanced and unique onboard experience for sea travel.

2GO SPECIAL CONTAINERS AND VALUE-ADDED SERVICES (SCVASI) is the largest operator of cold-chain containers and ISOtanks in the country. It leverages on Sea Solutions’ strength of schedule, reliability and speed. SCVASI’s project logistics business, 2GO Projects, continues to see opportunities in moving and lifting oversized cargo for clients across varying sectors such as, but not limited to, power, telecommunications, mining, and property.

2GO EXPRESS capitalizes on its broad network and caters to different delivery formats to meet the requirements of our customers in a timely manner, while also enabling the surge of B2C and C2C growth. It serves the pick-up and delivery of documents, parcels and last-mile e-commerce with a courier base fleet of more than 2,000, operating in hubs in 33 key locations and partnering with 63 delivery agents nationwide. 2GO Express is also the largest local partner of FedEx, with pickup of international outbound and delivery for international inbound served. FedEx services are sold in 2GO Express locations nationwide. With investments in technology for further efficiency, 2GO Express is looking forward to expanding its operations to serve the growing B2C and C2C markets.

2GO FORWARDING is a partner in the movement of goods through air, sea and land, including international forwarding. It is specialized in handling for FMCG, automotive, pharmaceuticals, including perishable medicines, industrial and fragile items, and other B2B transfers. It capitalizes on the integrated mode of transfers within the 2GO network and its partners nationwide.

2GO LOGISTICS supports inbound and outbound logistics. It manages warehouse and transport activities that enable all logistic needs, from production to delivery. 2GO has a nationwide fleet of over 1,400 transportation vehicles under management, and a total of 54 warehouse and hub facilities that are strategically located around the archipelago. 2GO also uses a globally recognized Warehouse Management System (WMS) that fully integrates and streamlines the supply-chain infrastructure. The WMS automated warehouse processes enable complex piece picking operations with a high degree of accuracy. At 2GO, we introduce technology as well as specialized operational skill sets to cater to the verticals and services we want to support. We are confident and optimistic of the growth that our lean and agile operating structure will capture in a sector full of abundant opportunities.

Contact us: Direct Line: 8528-7171

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