SKZ Plastic Mfg. Corp: Building Careers and A Greener Future at the 2nd Fil-Chi Job Fair in Manila!

SKZ Plastic Mfg. Corp
SKZ Plastic Mfg. Corp

SKZ Plastic Mfg. Corp prioritizes consumers' needs, consistently striving to enhance their experience. Their containers are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical, boasting BPA-FREE, microwave-safe, dishwashing safe, and recyclable features. With a commitment to environmental friendliness, SKZ Plasticwares serves as the perfect companion for daily needs, including food preservation, storage, and maintaining an organized and spacious kitchen or refrigerator

Recruitment Opening:

  1. Production Engineer 机台师傅

  2. Mold Maker Engineer 模具师傅

  3. Manufacturing Accountant 生产会计

  4. Cebu Branch Manager 宿务经理

  5. Davao Branch Manager 达奥经理

  6. Cagayan Branch ManagerCDO 经理

  7. Merchandiser 跟单员

  8. Sales Representative 业务员

  9. Livestreamer 直播

  10. Field Inventory Auditor 库存出纳

  11. Accounting Staff 会计人员

  12. Bulacan HR Supervisor 布拉干人事主任

  13. Bulacan HR Staff 布拉干人事人员

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Visit SKZ Plastic Mfg. Corp's booth at the upcoming 2nd Fil-Chi Job Fair in Manila. Register now to attend the event for FREE!

2nd Filipino-Chinese Job Fair in Manila 2023 (菲龙网第二届菲律宾华人线下招聘会) is the most anticipated event of the year for jobseekers and companies alike! Whether you're looking to switch careers, connect with peers, or look for talents, the Fil-Chi Job Fair is the go-to event for you! See you on October 15, 2023!

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Mobile: +63 966 637 6696

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